What is ConferenceRater?

ConferenceRater is an online service which allows you to rate conferences you have attended and search for conferences to attend in the future. Other features allow you to track the conference attendance and add the conferences you plan to attend. With ConferenceRater you can find the best conferences in your industry including niche conferences, tradeshows, and more.

How does ConferenceRater remain objective?

ConferenceRater is independently owned and operated. It is not supported, affiliated, reliant or partial to any one individual, conference, company, or association in the conference industry or any industry.

Who should use ConferenceRater?

Anyone who has attended or plans to attend a conference should use this site. Conference organizers should use this site to advertise their conferences for free, and get positive and constructive feedback on their events. The industry at large can join and rate conferences they have attended and give advice to future conference goers.

How do I rate a conference?

In order to rate a conference you must have a user account. To create a user account, click the link “register” and put in all the information it asks for. ConferenceRater will NEVER sell or distribute your information. Please use your real name and your company e-mail. It helps us to validate that ratings are legitimate. We will never share your ratings with anyone. Only you have the power to share your ratings and you can always remain anonymous in the rating process.

How do I submit a conference?

In order to submit a conference you must be logged in to a user account (see question above). Once you are logged in click the link “add a conference” located on our homepage and at the top of each page. You will be directed to a new page, which will ask for all of the conference details. Enter the details and press submit. Your submission will be reviewed by our staff for accuracy and posted.

How is the site Regulated?

Our users are made up of individuals and companies who have a vested interest in seeing their industry conferences succeed. Understanding this, most raters will give productive and informative feedback that helps their colleagues find the right conference and directs conference organizers on how to improve their conferences. If, however, we see the site rating system being abused, we will take action*. The consequences of foul play can mean a user, a company, and even a conference is kicked off the site. We encourage users, conference organizers and the industry at large to report any inappropratiate or abusive site behavior through our “Report this page” link.

*Please see our Terms of Use on legal obligations regarding site content.

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